Week 10: Last class! (online meeting)

We meet tonight via Google Meet. Check your email for an invitation. Click on the link to join online, or call the phone number and use the pin provided to join in that way. I'll be online from 6-7. I'm going to edit this post to make notes on and share resources related to our … Continue reading Week 10: Last class! (online meeting)

Week 9: Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Studies

Read Collins,  Black Feminist Thought,Part I  DuBois,“Of the faith of fathers”  (Ch. 10, from The Souls of Black Folk) Morrison, Playing in the Dark I need to put up one more for you: Walker, In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens, “Saving the Life that Is Your Own; A Writer Because Of, Not in Spite of, Her … Continue reading Week 9: Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Studies

Anthropology + Community-Based Research (Week 4)

This week's featured image is "Wisdom of the Universe," by Métis artist Christi Belcourt. F2F Agenda Tonight, we'll be learning to make something, and discussing the ways in which learning, context, culture, and rhetoric intersect. I expect this activity to bring us around to lots of relevant questions and topics. We should focus on the … Continue reading Anthropology + Community-Based Research (Week 4)

Historiography and Narrative Theory (Week 3)

Agenda this week readingsdiscussion of readingsexploration/synthesis via community notebook (which we might also use, this week, to discuss the syllabus project and the final project proposal you're developing, unless you've been liking Canvas for this purpose?)drafting mini-paper one (due to Google drive by 11:59 pm on 6/23)(dl if you are putting together help on the … Continue reading Historiography and Narrative Theory (Week 3)

Week 1: 6/3-9

Hello, and welcome! Here's our agenda for tonight. I'm doing things in a different order then normal, so we don't monopolize our guest's entire evening. (...by which I mean to say, we WILL get to the syllabus. /smiles) Introductions: My biggest goal reason for asking you to have some face-to-face meetings in this hybrid class, … Continue reading Week 1: 6/3-9