Week 10: Last class! (online meeting)

We meet tonight via Google Meet. Check your email for an invitation. Click on the link to join online, or call the phone number and use the pin provided to join in that way.

I’ll be online from 6-7. I’m going to edit this post to make notes on and share resources related to our conversations.

I’ve just opened two Canvas drop boxes.

  • One is a group dropbox, for your syllabus project. (It’s the first time I’ve done that. Let me know if you all have access?) Post a link to your syllabus project and your team-authored reflection there. (Individual musings on the group project can happen in your individual reflection, turned in privately).
  • The other is an individual dropbox, for your self-designed final project, and your single-authored reflection. Please try to consider the class, your work across the term, and provide some context for your final project.
  • Both boxes are open until 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Things you might could think about in your (individual) reflection:

  • What was the most impactful thing you read? How/why? What will you do with (or about or because of or…) that?
  • What was the thing you most enjoyed (? Found fruitful? Other descriptor?) writing this summer? How/why?
  • What has changed for you because of the experiences you’ve had this summer? (Or what do you want to change, or do…?)
  • What else?
  • (Check the syllabus to see what else I forgot to put here.)

You will find more info on the syllabus (collaborative) reflection on the syllabus project assignment itself.

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