Week 9: Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Studies


  • Collins,  Black Feminist Thought,Part I  
  • DuBois,“Of the faith of fathers”  (Ch. 10, from The Souls of Black Folk)
  • Morrison, Playing in the Dark 
  • I need to put up one more for you: Walker, In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens, “Saving the Life that Is Your Own; A Writer Because Of, Not in Spite of, Her Children”. (The library has this, but it wasn’t on the shelf when I went to scan it. We may have to cut it, but I’m resisting, and looking….)



  • Discussion board
  • Last mini paper due (to Canvas, by Sunday night)

Preparing for class next week

We will meet as a class at 6 pm on Monday, August 5th, in CFO 129, as before. The plan for the night is 1) to discuss what you’ve been reading and thinking through this term (so bring anything you want to have handy for that conversation), and 2) to spend a bit of time talking through your syllabus project and final project.

To prepare for the first goal, please write ONE PAGE on the class, readings, and writing exercises. What are your take-aways from this class? What big questions will you need to continue thinking through? What questions do you have?

This should help you start your final reflection, which is expected with your final project and syllabus project. (You’ll find more a little info about this in the syllabus, but let’s talk about it this week and next too, yes? In sum, I’d like you to do two things: provide context for the projects you’re turning in, AND discuss your work and learning in the class this term, and what you’ll do with these ideas next.)

To prepare for the second, think through your final projects, and what kind of assistance and support you might need to finish up. We will NOT have formal presentations; however, I thought we might do a little round robin, giving you each a chance to give us an overview of your project, and to ask us any questions you might like to. We could also do some peer review, if that’s helpful? Let me know—I could set up a folder for you to drop drafts in, and we could read for each other.


Here’s just a couple of things I thought might be of help this week:

“Derrick Bell was one of the main progenitors of Critical Race Theory. His writings, from “Space Traders” to “Faces at the Bottom of the Well” for the basis for CRT. Here is an interview discussing his views on racism.”
From “Critical Race Theory and Education: Racism and Anti-Racism in Educational Theory and Praxis“, Gillborn.

3 thoughts on “Week 9: Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Studies

  1. It’s there, I just haven’t opened it yet. I’ll do it this week. (It’s a habit, from teaching FYC, to encourage them not to call it done just because it’s drafted. /smiles)


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