Week 8: Feminist Studies, Queer Studies

These are two HUGE areas to try to do so quickly. As always, I hope to get you thinking and help you begin to learn relevant theory and methods, in the hopes it will help you continue with related interests and projects. Here, then, are our necessarily-truncated readings lists for this week.

Feminist Studies

Butler, Gender Trouble (Ch. 2) Anzaldua & Moraga, This Bridge Called My Back (any 2 of your choice); Beyoncé (Visual Album) Lemonade (webtext, explore it in context on her site, OR watch it all on YouTube); “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Revision (video); Crenshaw “Justice Rising: moving intersectionally in the age of post-everything” (podcast/lecture); Lorde, “The Master’s Tools”   

Queer Studies

Eng, Halberstam, Munoz “What’s Queer About Queer Studies?”; AllisonThe Women Who Hate Me” (poem); Driskill, Asegi Stories: Cherokee Queer and Two-Spirit Memory (available through J-Stor)

Heads up! Mini Paper, 8/4

Your final opportunity to turn in a weekly paper will be Sunday, 8/4.


Do you want to meet the last week of class? We could: peer review projects, present projects, discuss takeaways from the class as a whole…or maybe you have other ideas? Let me know in the comments below?

2 thoughts on “Week 8: Feminist Studies, Queer Studies

  1. I think it would be a great idea to meet f2f in the last week of class! We could discuss our syllabus, talk about final projects, and talk about the class as a whole. And we must bring food 🙂


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